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Who We Are

PDAP President: Brian Deiderick

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PDAP President Brian Deiderick is the Chief Defender of Lebanon County.  Brian attended the University of Pittsburgh both for college and for law school.  Upon graduating from law school he practiced medical malpractice defense at a firm in Central Pennsylvania.  He began doing conflict counsel work in Lebanon County and in 2005 joined the public defender office there in earnest.  In 2010, he was promoted to Chief Defender.  

Brian became a public defender because he likes fighting for people. He enjoys trying cases and playing a role in helping to get people’s lives back on track. 

Brian is a leader in the criminal defense community.  He serves on the publications committee of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL) and on the Criminal Courts subcommittee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Task Force on the Continuity of Delivery of Legal Services, and on the Task force itself.  He officiates swimming meets for local colleges and the PIAA and has officiated meets for USA swimming.  

He recently celebrated his 25-year wedding anniversary with his wife Amy, and lives in Lebanon with their two children and two dogs.

PDAP Vice President: Charles A. Pascal, Jr.

Charles, “Chuck” Pascal was named the Chief Defender of Armstrong County in 2020.  Chuck graduated from the University of Pittsburgh for both college and law school.  Since graduation, he has worked as a sole practitioner doing all kinds of legal work and appearing in state, federal, and appellate courts all across western Pennsylvania.  

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 As his practice progressed, Chuck realized that he enjoyed criminal defense work.  He likes trying cases and is someone who wants to do things that matter for real people.  He joined the Armstrong County Public Defender’s office in 2005.

He also has a long history of public service. VP Pascal served on various school boards in Armstrong County across sixteen years. He was the Mayor of Leechburg from 2006 to 2009, and serves on the Leechburg City Council, where he chairs the Ordinances and Codes committee. 

PDAP Past President: Kimberly F. Makoul

 Attorney Kimberly F. Makoul earned a B.A. from Moravian college in 1987 and a J.D. from Widener University School of Law, Delaware in 1990.  Following graduation, she accepted a position as an Assistant Public Defender for the County of Lehigh, during which time she handled a wide variety of both criminal and juvenile cases, and represented individuals at every stage of the criminal/juvenile process.  

In 1997 Attorney Makoul began a private practice, where she had the opportunity to concentrate her practice on criminal and juvenile defense.  In 2007 Attorney Makoul became an adjunct professor at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, where she continues to teach courses related to civil liberties and constitutional law. 

In 2014, she was appointed by the County Executive of Lehigh County as the first full time Chief Public Defender.  During her

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tenure as Chief, Attorney Makoul has implemental a client centered holistic approach to indigent defense and has overseen many changes within the office to achieve that goal. Attorney Makoul is a member of the Public Defender Association of Pennsylvania, where she currently serves as the president.  She is also a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Lehigh County Bar Association. Attorney Makoul is a life-long resident of Lehigh County and currently resides in Lower Macungie with her husband and children.

Other members of the PDAP Executive Board include: 

  • Dave Crowley, Chief Defender of Center County, who serves as the PDAP Secretary

  • Julia Burke, an Assistant Defender from Blair County, who is the PDAP Treasurer

  • Harry Cancelmi, Chief Defender of Greene County, who serves as Assistant Treasurer

  • Carrie Allman, the Chief of Homicide at the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office, who is PDAP’s Assistant Secretary.


Other members of the PDAP Board are:

  • Brandon Ging  of Allegheny County

  • Stephen Greenwald of Luzerne County

  • James Karl of Dauphin County

  • Paul Muller of Dauphin County

  • John Parrocini of Warren County

  • Nathan Schenker of Chester County

  • Nicole Spring of Lycoming County

  • Christopher Tallarico of Lancaster County

Ex Officio members of the Board include:

  • Kimberly Makoul of Lehigh County

  • Glenn Welsh of Berks County

PDAP Executive Director of Training: Sara Jacobson

Sara Jacobson is the Executive Director of Training for the Public Defender Association of Pennsylvania, where she is responsible for training public defenders across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in trial skills, criminal defense, and case theory.  Before joining PDAP,

she served as the Director of Trial Advocacy and an Associate Professor at Temple Law School.  At Temple she was responsible for the JD Trial Advocacy program ranked #2 in the country and helped to run Temple’s Trial Teams.  She has taught Trial Advocacy, Evidence and Criminal Procedure and worked with Temple’s International LLM program in Beijing, teaching lawyers and judges from China in partnership with Tsinghua University.  At Temple she also co-chaired the Dean’s 

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Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion.  She still teaches Trial Advocacy and coaches for the Temple Trial Team today.  

Before coming to Temple, Sara was an assistant public defender at the Defender Association of Philadelphia.  During her time there, she tried thousands of cases and was the Assistant Chief of the Juvenile Unit.  

Sara also trains on Trial Advocacy, both  nationally and internationally.  In addition to training for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA) and Trial Advocacy Consulting & Training (TACT), she trains lawyers internationally on trial advocacy skills for the International Law Institute’s African Centre for Legal Excellence.  She is also a member of the Board of the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA).  

Sara serves on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Rules of Evidence Committee and as a member of Philadelphia’s Prison Advisory Board.  She has held numerous volunteer positions with the Philadelphia Bar Association, including serving as the Chair of the Public Interest Section and as a member of the Bar’s Board of Governors.  She trains judges, prosecutors, public defenders, court staff and law school communities on transgender competency in the courtroom and in the classroom.

In 2020 she was recognized by her peers in the trial advocacy community with the Edward D. Ohlbaum award.  


To contact PDAP with questions or if you are a Pennsylvania Public Defender who wants access to the password protected training materials, contact Sara Jacobson at


ADDRESS: PO Box 42014, Philadelphia, PA, 19104

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